G T X 12 Gallon 500 PSI Adjustable Carpet Extractor


Our exclusive line-up of GTX™ 500 PSI Adjustable carpet extractor now comes "heat-ready." You can purchase any GTX™ extractor without heat and if you change your mind, no problem. Simply order our external heater and away you go. Placing the heater on the outside also insures that everything on the inside of the machine runs cooler, extending the life of the vacuum and pump motors. The stainless steel heater tank is guaranteed for life. If a repair is necessary, simply lift the heater off the back of the machine. Meanwhile, you can continue to use the unit without heat! Comes complete with 50' detachable power cord. Warranty: 5 years on parts & labor, lifetime on rotationally-molded housing. MADE IN THE USA! 

  • Exclusive heat-ready system offers the ultimate in versatility.
  • Eternal heater makes repairs a snap and keeps heat away from the motor compartment.
  • New "granite look" projects an image of professionalism and keeps the machine looking brand new.
  • Upright-mounted motors along with a special intercooler guarantee long life and durability.
  • Standard 5-gallon bucket fits under drain valve for easy emptying.
  • Opens quickly like a clamshell for easy servicing.
  • Top-mounted switches.

Optional Accessories

  • 2534ACK-500 1034-11001FB Dual Jet, 12” S-Bend Wand & 2540AC-HP 25' Vac/Sol Hose Assy. For 500 PSI Units.
  • 2501ACK-500  TR1-9501FS-A Triton Carpet Wand made of Aircraft Aluminum & 2540AC-HP 25’ Vac/Sol Hose Assembly for 500 PSI Units.
  • 705HR External Heater.
  • 2540AC-HP 25’ Vac/Sol Hose Assembly.
  • 1204ACH 12" Powermate Powered Wand.
  • 1039-9502FB Stainless Steel Upholstery Tool.
  • 1035-110015FB Stainless Steel Stair Wand.
  • 1021-1/8K2FB  Stair & Upholstery Cleaning Tool.
  • 323ACH High Pressure Prespray Wand.
    • Warranty: 5 years parts and labor, lifetime on housing.
    • Capacity: 12 Gallons
    • Solution Pressure: 500 PSI adjustable
    • Vacuum Motors: Dual 3-Stage
    • Water Lift: 190″
    • Tank Construction: Polyethelene
    • Baseplate: 1/4″ Aluminum
    • Rear Wheels: 10″, Non-marking
    • Casters: 4″
    • Power Cord: 50′ Detachable
    • Wand: Optional
    • Hose Assembly: Optional
    • Weight: 89 Lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 130 Lbs
    • Dimensions: 35″H x 31″L x 18″W
    • Shipping Dimensions: 36.5″H x 31.5″L x 19″W
    • Electrical Draw: 17.1 Amps