X-Trak Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Solution

X-Trak  Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Solution is the perfect carpet detergent for cleaning professionals. With its advanced low-moisture and high pH formula, X-Trak does a superior job of getting carpets clean without leaving behind any dirt-attracting residues. It is also specially formulated to be safe to use on advanced stain-resistant fibers, and contains natural solvents that give it the cleaning power you need, while leaving a fresh scent. So if you’re looking for a carpet detergent that is both powerful and safe, X-Trak Steam Cleaning Solution is the perfect solution.

To use the solution, simply mix 2 oz. detergent per gallon of water. One gallon of liquid detergent concentrate will generate enough solution to clean about 8400 sq. ft. of carpet area.

  • PH Factors:10.5 (concentrate), 10.0 (diluted solution)
  • Directions: Mix 2 oz per gallon of warm water in solution tank.