THE FORMULA - Extremely Powerful Carpet Cleaner

The #1 Carpet Cleaning Solution for Pets, Dirt, Stains, Odors and More!

Can be used with all different types of Carpet Cleaners - Upright, Extractors, Portable for both Residential and Commercial.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Product Information

THE FORMULA is a high-pH, high-strength carpet cleaning liquid that’s perfect for high-traffic areas. Equip yourself with THE FORMULA to obliterate severe stains and traffic areas with ease. THE FORMULA is a high pH liquid concentrate detergent that will quickly penetrate grease, oil, and heavy soil. Use it for residential and commercial highly soiled carpets. This high-traffic carpet cleaner has what it takes to eliminate even the most severe stains, and it’s the best carpet cleaner solution for areas that are overwhelmed by daily foot traffic.

 You can use this carpet cleaning solution in any area that stands up to average carpet cleaning efforts, and you can apply THE FORMULA multiple times to remove even the most stubborn stains.

THE FORMULA is especially ideal for areas with lots of indoor/outdoor traffic where dirt, leaves, and other types of detritus are carried inside. It will eliminate stains while also preventing the future buildup of dirt. 

Directions: Mix 2 Oz. of The Formula with 1 Gallon of warm water in carpet extractor.