HVAC Negative Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

HVAC Negative Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

DM-916 industrial powerful negative air machine is designed for duct cleaning. It perfectly solves the problem that manual access to narrow duct space is impossible. As opposed to low power general cleaning equipment that cannot clean the dead corners, the DM-916 industrial negative air machineĀ  withstands the dirtier ducts and challenges. It was carefully designed to make the duct cleaning more efficient.

DM-916 industrial negative air machine is used to clean non-explosive and non-oily round, rectangular, horizontal and vertical type small branch air duct with diameter of 0-20".

Equipment Features:
Powerful vacuum duct cleaning equipment can clean rectangular ducts and round ducts, 2360 CFM air volume.
2200w high power
Fast vacuuming speed that Saves cleaning time
Dust filter bag designed for this powerful vacuum and dust collecting and Filter out the fresh air
Collapsible vacuum hose with telescopic plug tray and support and Can be stretched freely
16 ft. hose
Universal wheel design
Easy to to operate and maneuver
1 year Warranty.

    • Voltage 110V
    • Power 2200W
    • Vacuum 2360 CFM
    • Suction Distance 164 ft
    • Applicable to 0-20" duct sizes
    • Applicable to ceiling height of 8.5'-11.5'
    • Weight 180 Lbs., Dimensions 32" x 52" x 35.5"
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Equipment
    • Vacuum Hose
    • Support Bracket and Plate
    • 3 Filter Bags