Drymaster Systems


Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

One of the most powerful, efficient, affordable and user friendly professional air duct and dryer vent cleaning on the market today. With technology and features not found in any other duct cleaning systems.

This professional air duct cleaning system provides rotary air duct cleaning at it's best! This easy to use equipment allows simple one man operation to make air duct cleaning more efficient and profitable. Whether you are starting a new air duct cleaning business, adding air duct cleaning services to your existing business or currently offering air duct cleaning, this system will give your business exclusives technologies and unique features that decrease cleaning times, increase clean-ability,  improve user friendliness and ultimately generates more profits.

This equipment comes with everything you need to clean air ducts and dryer vents including a 1 Gal Fogger. MADE IN THE USA.

Comes with Manufacturer’s 2 year limited warranty on labor and parts 

Equipment weight 125 lbs.

Dimensions 38-1/2”H x 24”W x 22”D

    • Durable, Steel Construction
    • Separation of Cable and Brush from Vacuum Hose
    • HEPA Rated Vacuum System
    • One Man Operation
    • Large 10.5" Non Marking, No-Flat Wheels
    • Beautiful Powder Coated Finish
    • Roto-Flex Sweeping Brush Technology-Brushes designed to automatically adjust to the size duct being cleaned
    • Remote with Belt Clip
    • Equipment
    • 36ft Flexible Rotary Cable
    • 3 Roto-Flex Sweeping Brushes (Dryer Vent brush, Standard Brush, Large Brush)
    • Vacuum Hoses (Standard and Thin Extension)
    • Professional Air Duct Fogger Machine
    • HEPA Rated Vacuum Bags
    • Dusting Brush with Adapter
    • Training Video

Customer Reviews

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Duct cleaning

Unlike negative air equipment that all they do is vacuuming without any duct agitation. This one agitates the duct walls and removes residues stuck to it. I have used many equipment in the past and so far this one is my favorite. What's important is that customers are satisfied. When I used negative air machines in the past, many customers were dissatisfied and felt I was over charging for vacuuming only.