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Smart Duct-Duct & Vent Register Cleaner

Duct & Vent Register Cleaner 1 Gallon 
This product was designed to easily cut through caked on dirt and other build-up found on ducts and vent registers or covers. This product safely removes years of build-up without harming the paint or finish of the vent cover.
Add 5 oz. chemical per 1 gallon of tap water. Vacuum register vent first. Submerge register vent into bucket of solution and clean with a microfiber towel. Dry register vent. Also can be used to clean the furnace with same dilution and procedure.

Cleaning Tips
Thoroughly vacuum the vent register before submersing into cleaning solution. By removing dry dirt particles first, it will make cleaning even easier. Completely dry before you put vent register back on wall, floor, or ceiling.