Sodium Bisulfate Formula - Water & Yellow Stain Remover

Looking for an effective way to treat unsightly brown and yellow rings or water stains on your carpets and upholstery? Then look no further than our Sodium Bisulfite Powder! This powerful powder concentrate is ideal for treating existing stains and preventing new ones from forming. sodium bisulfate also helps brighten light-colored carpets and fabrics, providing a like-new appearance. Plus, it's easy to use - simply sprinkle the powder onto the affected area and vacuum it up after it dries. So don't wait any longer - try Sodium Bisulfite Powder today and see the difference!

Directions: Add 2 Oz. of Sodium Bisulfate Powder to one gallon of warm water.


    • Weight: 3 lbs
    • Dimension: 1" × 1" × 1"
    • Size: 1 Lb