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Single Jet, Single Bend 12 Inch Stainless Steel Wand, High Pressure

Single Jet, Single Bend 12 Inch Stainless Steel Carpet Wand High Pressure (1033-11003FB)

The GlideMaster™ wand allows for easy pick-up under furniture, desks, and other obstructions. The head is winged to prevent over-spray and the comfort grip handle, insulated valve lever, and grip ensure operator comfort and safety. Comes standard with a female Foster Manufacturing quick disconnect, 1200 PSI Kingston valve, stainless steel solution tube, and comfort grip handle. Available in any pressure set-up. (1033-11003FB)

      • Use with Galaxy, Novax, Supernova, Polaris, Supernova, Orion, Aquarius & GTX.
      • Winged head to prevent over-spray.
      • 1200 PSI brass angle valve.
      • 1.5" Stainless steel vacuum tube.
      • Prevents clogging and increases air-flow.
      • High pressure / high heat stainless steel solution tube for added durability.
      • Accurate spray pattern and flow rate each and every time.
      • Stainless steel strainer and check-valve system.
      • Prevents dripping and protects tips from clogging.
      • Adjustable comfort grip handle.
      • Replaceable rubber grip tube.
      • Quick disconnects ensure long term durability and no leaks.
      • Available in any pressure set-up.
      • Cleaning Width 12″, Length 60″
      • Material Stainless Steel.
      • Weight 7.4 lbs.
      • Shipping Dimensions 65”H x 12”L x 13”W
      • Warranty 1 year parts & labor.
      • Single Jet, Single Bend (1033- 11003FB)
      • Male quick disconnect,
      • Black dipped grip handle,
      • 3000 PSI blue solution hose.