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Mega 3 Flood Extractor

The Mega 3 is a Portable Flood Removal Unit with the Power of a Truck Mount!

    The Mega 3 from KleenRite is a high-powered, ultra-quiet portable designed specifically for flood extraction work. On large flood jobs where a truck mount is impractical (or when your truck mount is tied up on other jobs during the busy season), the Mega 3 is the perfect unit to have on hand.

    This powerful extractor features 2-inch intake/through-out ports, and it can remove up to 20 gallons per minute for maximum productivity. It features two 3-stage vacuum motors, which you can engage separately depending on the level of extraction needed.

    The Mega 3 can also be used as a vacuum recovery unit during pressure washing jobs on concrete or tile and grout. If you have a separate pressure washing pump to blast away dirt and grime, the Mega 3 is the perfect companion to thoroughly recover water, solution, and dirt from the surface.

    This portable extractor features both an auto pump-out and manual discharge, giving you lots of flexibility when it comes to emptying the unit.

    Auto Pump-Out: For auto pump-out capability, the Mega 3 comes with a cam lock fitting and adapter, which allows for unlimited emptying through a regular garden hose.

    Manual Discharge: To empty the 14-gallon recovery tank, the manual discharge is located at bucket height, so you can easily place a bucket under the dump valve, discharge the unit, and dump the wastewater in an approved drain site, such as a toilet, utility sink, or floor drain. Though the Mega 3 comes with a 45-degree elbow to connect to the dump valve for easy emptying of the unit, the dump valve is also recessed, so you can lay the unit on its back for emptying as well.

    Ultra compact and ultra durable, the Mega 3 is housed within a rotomolded exterior, so it can easily withstand the bumps and bruises that are typical of rough restoration work.
    A molded-in assist handle on the front of the unit provides contractors with a secure gripping point for maneuvering the unit up and down stairs or in and out of the truck with ease. And with 3.5" casters on the front of the unit and 10" inset wheels on the back, it rolls easily wherever you need it to go on the job site without getting hung up on door frames and corners.
    You can pair the Mega 3 with a flood wand or a power carpet extraction tool, giving you maximum flexibility for whatever water damage restoration job you're faced with.
    With a decibel rating of less than 68 dBA just three meters (10 ft) from the machine, the Mega 3 is extremely quiet, and you won't have to worry about using hearing protection on the job.

    The Mega 3 comes with two 25-foot molded-in power cords and a convenient Velcro strap that allows you to keep the cords neatly attached to the handle when not in use. This unit makes it easy to know that you're connected to separate circuits by illuminating a green light located on the control panel. If the light is green, you're good to go.

    • Wand and discharge hose not included.
      • Vacuum Hose 25'L and 2" Diameter
      • Dual 3-stage vacuums.
      • 14 gallon waste tank and Auto discharge.
      • 202 CFM, 20 GPM.
      • 2 power cords.
      • Waste Water Removal 20 GPM
      • Weight 102 Lbs.
      • Dimensions 28” L x 17.7”” W x 38” H
      • Warranty 1 Year For Parts and labor. Does Not include Freight and 3 Year Materials and workmanship of the housing are covered
      • Manufacturer Model # 3630
      • Mega 3 Extractor 14 gallon waste tank and Auto discharge.
      • 2 power cords.
      • Includes 25 feet of 2" vacuum hose.
      • Wand and discharge hose not included.
      • Warranty: 3 year warranty on all roto-molded plastic and a 1 year warranty on parts and Labor.

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