DryMaster Systems


Manual Rug Dusting Machine

Introducing the Rug Duster Machine – your new efficient rug dusting partner. Compact and easy-to-use, this rug duster is the ideal addition for budding rug cleaning enterprises. If you're working with a compact cleaning space, position the area rugs face-down on our bespoke 3/4" grid. This design elevates rugs slightly, allowing dirt and dust to effortlessly fall away. (Please note: Grids sold separately).

Every carpet and rug cleaning business, whether serving homes or commercial spaces, will find this rug dusting machine indispensable. Guarantee a thorough clean by dislodging embedded dust and dirt before the washing process, ensuring an in-depth and superior clean. Considering its functionality, it represents an economical choice for businesses committed to delivering top-notch cleaning solutions.


Voltage: 220 V (single phase)
Motor Power: 1.1 KW
Motor Speed: 1400 rpm
Dimensions: 30"H x 14"W
Weight: 45 Lbs.

How to Operate the Rug Duster Machine:

Setting up is a breeze. Simply roll the rug duster machine onto the rug's rear side. Activate it with the trigger on the handle and traverse the machine over the rug's back. Adjust your pace as needed to achieve optimal results. Effortlessly extract pounds of hidden soil from area rugs and return them to clients, confidently knowing they are pristine, devoid of dust and fine debris.