Fab Zero Low Moisture Upholstery & Wool Rug Cleaner

Low Moisture Upholstery and Wool Rug Cleaner

A low pH and low moisture detergent formulated to clean synthetic, cotton and linen upholstery and any fabric containing natural fibers. These include wool rugs, cotton, and other natural fibers. Can be used on valuable oriental, Persian & domestic carpet, area rugs, and upholstery. When you are not sure whether the fiber content contains any natural fibers, be sure to use the pH wool and upholstery detergent.

Directions: Mix 2 oz. detergent per gallon of water. One gallon of liquid detergent concentrate will generate enough solution to clean about 8400 sq. Ft. of upholstery area. pH Factors: 8.0 (concentrate), 7.5 (diluted solution)