Dryer Vent Digital Anemometer

The anemometer measures air velocity in five units of measure: feet per minute (ft/min), meters per second (m/sec), miles per hour (MPH), kilometers per hour (km/hr), and nautical miles per hour (knots). An internal sensor allows the PMA82 to measure air temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Use this meter to measure and compare Dryer Vent airflow before and after cleaning. 

    • Vane Sensor For Velocity (Accuracy +/- 3%)
    • Five Units of Measure: Ft/Min, M/Sec, MPH, Km/Hr, Knots
    • Temperature Sensor For Temperature (Accuracy +/- 4 °F)
    • Unit Switch (°C/°F) Key, LCD Display, On/Off Key
    • Operating Temperature: 32 °F to 122 °F
    • Power Supply: 9V Battery (Included)