Master of The Grout- Grout & Tile Cleaner

Master of The Grout, 3 in 1 Tile & Grout Pre spray and Cleaner
Master of The Grout will blow your mind as it penetrates through greasy and grimy grout lines leaving them clean and bright. It is suitable for both residential and commercial.
It is safe for most ceramic, stone and man made tiles. (Always test on inconspicuous area for discolorations or any other issues before proceeding with entire cleaning.)
Low odor, rarely needs pre scrubbing, short dwell time.  Avoid using on Marble & Stone.

  • 1-4 oz  per gallon of warm water
  • 16 oz in 8-1 Hydro-force
  • 8 oz in 4-1 Hydro-force
    Use hot tap water to mix and shake well. We recommend a pump up or electric sprayer. Spray stream into grout lines first, then do a complete over spray tile & grout and allow to dwell for 4-5 minutes. Avoid overspray on cabinets and stainless steel. Wipe off if occurs. Do not allow to dry and rinse well with water. Use microfiber mop after cleaning for faster drying and optimal appearance.