Max Shield Carpet Stain Resistant & Protectant

MAX SHIELD Carpet  Protectant

A water-based, deep penetrating protectant leaves an invisible coat or layer that repels soils and stains and helps prevent discoloration caused by stains. MAX SHIELD is applied with a sprayer after a carpet has been appropriately cleaned. Can be used to treat new or used carpets.

MAX SHIELD will keep carpets looking cleaner and allows for faster clean-ups after accidental spills. The protectant increases the life span of a carpet and when professionally cleaned, carpets will clean up better.

Directions: Dilute 1 part MAX SHIELD to 4 parts cold water in a pump sprayer and spray lightly and evenly on carpets. Allow to dry before using treated areas. 1 diluted gallon protects approx. 750-1000 Sq Ft.