Max Shield Carpet Stain Resistant & Protectant

A water-based, deep penetrating carpet stain protectant leaves an invisible coat or layer that repels soils and stains and helps prevent carpet discoloration caused by stains. MAX SHIELD is applied with a sprayer after a carpet has been appropriately cleaned. Can be used to treat new or used carpets.

MAX SHIELD is the perfect solution for homes and businesses, helping protect carpets from everyday spills while extending their lifespan. With MAX SHIELD's advanced stain resistant coating, it's easy to clean up messes quickly with minimum effort – so you can keep your carpet looking pristine!

Directions: Dilute 1 part MAX SHIELD to 3-4 parts cold water in a pump sprayer and spray lightly and evenly on wet or dry carpets. 1 diluted gallon protects approx. 750-1000 Sq Ft.