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Carpet Extractor Solution Hose

Discover the ultimate in cleaning efficiency with our Carpet Extractor Hose Kit, specifically engineered for use with portable carpet extractors and the CR2 Touch-Free system, as well as for effective counter strike surface disinfection equipment. This comprehensive kit includes a carpet extractor solution hose, complete with quick disconnects for effortless setup and usage.

Our kit is available in three distinct lengths to cater to various cleaning environments:
  • The 25 Feet carpet extractor hose is perfect for smaller areas, offering ease of movement and flexibility.
  • Opt for the 50 Feet carpet extractor hose for mid-sized spaces, providing a perfect blend of reach and convenience.
  • For larger areas, the 100 Feet carpet extractor hose is your ideal choice, enabling extensive reach without sacrificing performance.
Each component in this carpet extractor hose kit is designed for maximum durability and efficiency, ensuring that your carpet cleaning and surface disinfection processes are both effective and hassle-free. Enhance your cleaning capabilities with this essential carpet extractor vacuum hose kit, a must-have for professionals in the cleaning industry.
    • Solution Hose Assembly
    • Comes with male/female Quick Disconnections

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