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FloodBuster Flood Extractor with 50 GPM Pump

EDIC Flood Buster Flood Extractor (FB50)

The EDIC Flood Buster is a super-duty high volume flood pumper that makes quick work of the toughest water restoration jobs. With large rear wheels, and a tough roto-molded body, the Flood Buster can easily be transported to each individual job site due to its compact design and single-person loading capability in any type of vehicle. The compact design along with the 12” rear wheels, 5” front swivel casters and ergonomic stair climbing handle design make this machine easy to maneuver and store in any type of location.
When compared to other machines found in our flood extractors department, this EDIC Flood Buster model really excels. It has a max pump out capacity of 50 GPM (gallons per minute). 

Many best in class features make this machine a must have for all flood restoration professionals. It comes with a 14" squeegee wand for hard floors, and a 14" scallop tool for water recovery in carpeted areas. A 1.5" diameter, 25' discharge hose is also included, which exceeds the standard garden hose hook up that comes with many competitor models. When you choose the FloodBuster, you know that you’ll have an industry leader when it comes to performance, safety, reliability and water removal. You truly can't beat this best-in-class flood extractor machine. MADE IN THE USA

  • Pumps out up to 50 gallons per minute
  • 158" water lift and 18 amps
    • Adjustable handle and large rear wheels make stair climbing & transport from job to job easy.
    • Utilizes an industrial waste & sewage sump pump that can handle up to 1/2” spherical solids.
    • Powered by a single power cord & only pulls 18 amps under a full load.
    • Max pump out capacity of 50 GPM (gallons per minute) makes quick work of any flood situation.
    • The 12” rear wheels & 5” front casters lift the machine high off the ground for extreme flood jobs.
    • Extremely compact, durable & portable allows for this machine to be loaded into any vehicle.
    • Easy to access debris basket catches all the large recovered items before they reach the tank & pump.
    • Tough roto-molded body comes with a lifetime warranty & 5 years on parts and labor.
    • Dimensions 21" W x 29" L x 31.5" H
    • Extractor Weight 101 Lbs.
    • Vacuum 5.7″ Diameter 3-stage
    • Shipping weight 161 lbs.
    • Flood Buster Extractor (FB50)
    • Includes 25' recovery Hose & 25' dump hose
    • Includes 14" double squeegee & 14" scallop recovery tool
    • Single 25' Detachable Cord and Locking Front Casters.

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