Drymaster Systems


Super Master Carpet Soil Extraction System

Introducing the DryMaster Super Master Soil Extraction System, a cutting-edge solution for carpet dirt extraction and soil extraction in carpets. This compact yet powerful unit is specifically designed for efficient carpet soil extraction, making it an ideal choice for both commercial settings and tight spaces.

The Super Master boasts a lightweight design at only 40 pounds, ensuring easy handling by anyone. Its small size, combined with a fully adjustable handle, allows for effortless transport and storage. The powerful brush agitation ensures deep cleaning of carpets, efficiently removing dirt and soil.

Choose from two specialized models:

  • DM SuperMaster Soil Extraction System - 3 Gal., 85 PSI, 12" Wide, 40 lbs. This model is exclusively designed for carpets (FXB3).
  • DM SuperMaster Soil Extraction System - 3 Gal., 85 PSI, 12" Wide, 40 lbs. An all-floor model suitable for carpets, hard floors, and grouted tiles. It features a simple lever to switch from carpet to hard surface mode (FXB3-F).

Enhance your cleaning capabilities with our optional accessories:

  • 357AC Upholstery Tool Kit with an 8’ Hose Assembly and Hose Bag.
  • 357AC-CM Upholstery Tool Kit with a 15’ Hose Assembly and Hose Bag.
  • 330AC-CM 15’ Hose Assembly and 330ACS 10” Wand.
  • 341AC 8 ft. Hose Assembly for use with 1.5" Accessories.
  • 341AC-15 15 ft. Hose Assembly also for 1.5” accessories.

Ideal for professional cleaners, the DryMaster Super Master Soil Extraction System offers unparalleled performance in carpet and soil extraction, ensuring your spaces are always clean and pristine.

    • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush, and vacuum shoe for easy cleaning of all carpet lengths, plus longer brush life.
    • The full complement of accessories attaches to the back of the unit for cleaning upholstery, stairs, etc.
    • Handle adjusts to operator height and folds down for easy storage.
    • A patented lift-off bucket with a bladder makes filling and emptying incredibly easy.
    • See-through recovery dome.
    • Side extension for cleaning right to baseboards.
    • Upright-mounted motor and intercooler system combine for long-lasting operation.
    • Remove two screws and the machine opens like a clamshell for fast service.
    • Warranty: 5 years parts & labor, lifetime on rotomolded polyethylene housing
    • Dimensions 24"H x 23"L x 12"W
    • Weight 40 lbs.