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17 Gallon Galaxy Pro 500 PSI with a Heater, Triton Wand & Hoses 2700CK-HRH-TK

17 Gallon Galaxy Pro, Adjustable 500 PSI with heat and Cleaning Package (2700CX-HRH-TK)

Placing the heater on the outside of the portable carpet extractor also insures that everything on the inside of the machine runs cooler, extending the life of the vacuum and pump motors. The stainless steel heater tank is guaranteed for life. If a repair is necessary, simply lift the heater off the back of the machine. Meanwhile, you can continue to use the unit without heat! Comes complete with 50′ detachable power cord.

Galaxy™ 2000 PRO 17 gallon portable carpet extractors are powerful, compact and come “heat-ready”.  
Including the NEW Triton Carpet Wand is the latest in carpet cleaning technology. It provides a lightweight and durable alternative to the traditional stainless steel wand. The head of the Triton is not only designed for higher air speed, but also even/consistent air speed across the whole width of the wand head, guaranteeing optimum water recovery.

Talk about durability – the wand shoe is made of UHMW plastic which has the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. The wand glides easily across the carpet and wears less because the UHMW plastic shoe also has an extremely low coefficient of friction.

Optional Accessories

1034-11001FB Dual Jet, 12” S-Bend Carpet Wand 

1204ACH 12" Powermate Powered Wand.

1039-9502FB Stainless Steel Upholstery Tool.

1035-110015FB Stainless Steel Stair Wand.

1021-1/8K2FB Stair & Upholstery Cleaning Tool.

323ACH High Pressure Prespray Wand.

2534ACK-500 1034-11001FB Dual Jet, 12” S-Bend Wand & 2540AC-HP Vac/Sol Hose Assy. For 500 PSI Units.

      • Dimensions 38″H x 31″L x 20″W
      • Weight 104 LBS
      • 190" Water Lift
      • Solution Tank 17 Gal
      • Recovery Tank 15 Gal
      • Adjustable 500 PSI
      • Dual HP 3-stage
      • 25' and 1-1/5" Diameter High Pressure High Heat Hoses
      • High Pressure Triton Carpet Cleaning Wand
      • 5 Year Warranty Parts and Labor


      • 17 Gal Galaxy Pro 500 PSI Adjustable (2700CX-HR)
      • in Line 2000 Watt water Heater (705 HR)
      • Revolutionary Triton Carpet Wand (TR1-9501FS-A)
      • 25' Pressure High Heat Vacuum Solution Hose Assembly (2540AC-HP)