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Grease Eater- Greasy Carpet Traffic Lane Cleaner

Powerful Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray

A highly concentrated carpet pre-spray powder that digests and dissolves the proteins such as blood, gravy, and grease that bond soils to carpet fibers. This powerful Pre-spray was developed specifically to quickly clean the dirtiest carpets in restaurants, institutions & homes. Leaves carpet clean, soft & smelling fresh. pH Factors: 9.5 (diluted)

Specifically developed for cleaning carpet with extreme soiling conditions such as deeply embedded cooking grease or ground-in dirt.  You need an extra powerful solution like this Grease Eater to be able to emulsify and clean the type of soiling that exists on restaurant carpet & very dirty residential carpets. 

Packaging: 8 Lbs. Jar (Powder) 

Directions: Dilute 2 oz. per gallon of warm water in a pump sprayer. Spray on soil areas. Let dwell for 5-7 minutes, agitate and clean/rinse with an extractor.