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SlipSlick Auto Surface Protection

Auto Surface Protection

SLIPSTICK is comprised of a unique, surfactant-free micro emulsion of cross-linking polymers and special additives to quickly and effectively hydrophobe paintwork, glass, plastic and rubber moldings and a variety of other surfaces. SLIPSTICK is specially formulated to be surfactant free, leaving only the active ingredients behind after drying. This allows the formulation to feel hyper slick and be highly detergent resistant as compared to other polymer-type sealants. SLIPSTICK is effortlessly easy to apply, simply spray and wipe regardless of whether the surface is wet or dry and is suitable over any base surface protection whether it is a polymer sealant, wax or any type of coating.

Directions: After washing the vehicle, use as a drying aid, over the top of any coating or wax, on any exterior surface. Liberally spray slipstream directly onto surface and into microfiber towel. Wipe onto surface using a horizontal or vertical cross-hatch pattern with slight overlap, flip the towel and wipe again to dry.