Rug Centrifuge Equipment 10 HP 1400 RPM Drum, 14.5 Footer

Rug Centrifuge Equipment 10 HP 1400 RPM Drum

The S4000 K is a high-end cleaning machine for carpet spinning machines used by professional carpet washing plants, measuring area speed and perforations. 500 mm. Thanks to the high-powered motor, you will have an equipment that is more vibration-free and longer lasting thanks to the high speed of the drum and the special air bellows used in our equipment.

Among the Rug drying machines, the S4000 K is distinguished it from our other drying machines.

  • The dryness of the squeezed state is 1.64" due to the diameter of the drum. You will be able to pack and deliver in a few hours or less.
  • Thanks to its powerful motor you can work 24 hours a day.
  • Among the most important factors of our product quality among the rug spinning machine are the bearing system of the S 4000 K.
  • With the ideal height, you can easily transfer your wet rugs to any machine.
  • Stainless steel and a minimum 3 millimeters of tambour will not damage your rug and your machine will last longer.
  • One of the most important advantages of S4000 K is the use of special air bellows. At this point our machine works more smoothly and silently. The bellows system has a much longer life compared to the wheel systems of normal squeezing machines. You can work without interruption for many years without the need for spare parts.

Thanks to the special drum drilling system, rugs be opened in a very short time and without any damage. Some of the rugs that are placed in the machine are not opened and can not be opened due to the yarn structure while it is necessary to lean against the sides of the barrel during the first operation. This causes the increase of work safety risk and damage to the machine. This risk has been minimized with a special perforated comb.

Manufacturer's one year warranty on labor and parts
Lead time on this equipment is 6-10 weeks

    • Voltage: V / 50 Hz 380
    • Power 10 HP
    • Motor RPM 1400 RPM
    • Drum RPM 1000 RPM
    • Outer Drum Diameter 1.57"
    • Inner Drum Diameter 1.31"
    • Inner Drum Length 13'
    • Foot System Bellows
    • Dimensions 3.93" x 14.76' x 3.93"
    • Weight 1606 Lbs.