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12 Gallon Galaxy 220 PSI With Heater, Triton Wand and Hose Assembly

EDIC Galaxy 12 Gallon with Heater, Triton Wand and Hoses

This Galaxy 2000IX-HRH-TK carpet extractor is a 220 PSI, a high-pressure system with a heater, hoses, and a lightweight Triton wand made of aircraft aluminum. The system comes with upright-mounted motors along with a special intercooler that guarantees long life and durability. Its compact, lightweight design makes transport and storage an easy task. Made In USA

Optional Accessories

1204ACH12" Powermate Powered Wand.

1039-9502FB Stainless Steel Upholstery Tool.

1035-110015FB Stainless Steel Stair Wand.

1021-1/8K2FB Stair & Upholstery Cleaning Tool.

323ACH High Pressure Prespray Wand.

TR1-9501FS Triton Carpet Wand made of Aircraft Aluminum.

1034-110015FB Dual Jet, 12” S-Bend Wand.

    • Solution Tank 12 Gallon
    • Recovery Tank 11 Gallon
    • Pump 220 PSI
    • Dimensions 35″H x 31″L x 18″W
    • Weight 84 Lbs.
    • Dual 3 Stage Vacuum
    • Water lift 190"
    • 5 Year Warranty on labor and parts. Lifetime on Housing
    • 2 Gallon Galaxy, 220 PSI Extractor (2000IX-HR)
    • High-pressure High Heat 25' Vacuum Solution Hose assembly (2540AC-HP)
    • In-line 2000 Watt External Heater (705HR)
    • Revolutionary Triton Wand (TR1-95015FS)