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Revolution Tile & Grout Cleaning Wand

Discover the prowess of the EDIC Revolution 1200REV, a leading professional tile and grout cleaning machine. This tile and grout cleaning equipment is adept at handling both uneven surfaces like grouted tile and smoother ones such as concrete. Designed for exceptional durability and seamless operation, it offers a significant advantage by weighing just 13lbs, which notably minimizes operator fatigue.

The Revolution boasts a versatile handle that can be folded up to 180 degrees, empowering you to effortlessly clean beneath counters or overhangs as low as 6 inches. This professional tile and grout cleaning machine is equipped with a user-friendly pull trigger and centrally placed safety recovery hoses, ensuring optimum suction and facilitating cleaning along edges without any hose interference. It's compatible with both truck mounts and portables. Enhancing its functionality, the vacuum relief is strategically positioned on the handle, letting users tweak airflow without bending. Additionally, the equipment features a robust stainless steel handle and a top-tier, repairable ceramic swivel.

      • Rated at 2500 PSI, but optimal performance between 700-1500 PSI.
      • 360-degree rotatable inlet swivel.
      • Weighs only 13 lbs.
      • Comes with an integrated filter.
      • Compatible with both truck mounts and portable units.
      • Designed with comfortable handgrips.
      • Features a T-shaped handle for smooth side-to-side movement.
      • Effective on irregular terrains.
      • Suitable for use with both Novax and Endeavor Extractor.
      • 5-year warranty, with a lifetime guarantee on the poly base.