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Glass Crisp Glass Cleaner & Protectant

Auto & Household Glass Cleaner

See clearly into the New Year with our latest innovation! Glass Crisp Glass Cleaner. Glass Crisp is a modern glass cleaner that contains silane, the active ingredient in topical glass sealants, to create a combination of cleaning and protection. Repeated usage of Glass Crisp will result in easier subsequent cleanings and leaves the glass slick and smooth. Does not contain ammonia or other corrosive surfactants.

Powerful cleaning
Silane sealant
Non-streak formulation and Non-ammonia
Ready to use with pleasant fragrance.
Safe on glass, mirrors, chrome and hard surface

Directions: Ready-to-use or may be diluted up to 1 part Glass Crisp with 10 parts water. Instantly cleans windows, chrome, mirrors and plate glass. GLASS CRISP dissolves dirt, smoke film and grime leaving a clean, streak free finish. Spray on glass, mirrors, chrome and hard surfaces. Wipe with clean, lint-free toweling.


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      Andy's Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning
      The best glass cleaner

      I have used this on windows, mirrors, and stainless steal and it does what it says. It take the greasey finger prints off, dirt, and leaves know steaks. This will be something that I wont leave home with out on a job call.