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KleenRite® Defoaming & Odorizing Block is a water soluble solid block designed to control foaming and eliminate bad odors from the waste water of truck mounts, portable extractors and auto scrubbers. This helps keep your machines vacuum safe, providing a longer life span and releases a pleasant odor to eliminate smells.


Insert the Block in the included mesh bag* or filter tray and place into the waste tank of the unit prior to use. As the machine is used and produces foam, the defoaming block will help to control unwanted foam, at the same time release a fresh linen scent to elimnate bad odors in the waste tank. *1 mesh bag included per case,

The defoaming block will maintain and eliminate odors and control foam for 5-10 days. *Defoaming Block dissolving times will vary depending on water temperture, soil contaminants level and other environmental factors.

12 Defoaming blocks per case.

*Once the Defoaming Block has dissolved and shrunk down to a 1” diameter, add a new Defoaming Block to continue odor elimination and foam control

  • Unit: 12 Defoaming Blocks per case Physical state: Solid Color: Royal Blue Odor: Linen Melting Point: 125° F. Flash Point: None to boiling