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Smart Duct-Duct & Vent Odor Control and Sanitizer

Duct Enzyme Odor Control & Sanitizer
Duct Enzyme Odor Control 1 Gallon
This enzyme product has a pleasant fragrance to immediately neutralize odors. The product was designed to help with odors found in ductwork. Use this product with a Professional Fogger or a misting gun.
ULV Fogging:
In a 1.5 Gallon Fogger Tank: Add 10-15 oz. product to 1.5 Gal water. Fog each duct for 3-5 seconds for effective deodorization.
Thoroughly clean ductwork prior to fogging. Stick the end of the fogger hose into the open register vent area and fog for only a few seconds. For an extended period of time, It is better to fog each duct than fogging the trunk line.  Fogging each duct for only a few seconds reduces the risk of fog escaping the duct and filling the room.