Drymaster Systems


No Smoking-Smoke Odor Eliminator & Cleaner

Fire & Tobacco Smoke Odor Eliminator and Cleaner
An excellent, concentrated, all purpose smoke cleaner and odor remover for carpet, upholstery, vinyl and plastic.
Penetrates quickly and deeply to lift pollutants. Dissolves smoke film and Grime.
Directions: Do not apply on hot surfaces. Product must be diluted and surface to be cleaned must be wet. Do not allow cleaner to dry on any surface. 
If spraying: Dilute 10-26 Oz., depending on condition severity, with gallon of water. Spray on wet surface or right after surface was cleaned. Rinse with clean water
Using  Cleaning Extractor : Dilute No Smoking 3-4 Oz. per gallon of water.