Rug Centrifuge Equipment 7.5 HP 1400 RPM Drum, 12 Footer

Rug Centrifuge Equipment 7.5 HP 1400 RPM Drum, 12 feet length

Material structure and equipment of the S3200 K rug spin and dry machine; the inner drum thickness is three millimeters or more.
The S3200K rug spin and dry machine is made of stainless  Steel and guaranteed absolutely rust-free.
Our front and back bearing system is unique and has casting material. If necessary, it is possible to increase drum size to a diameter of 1.64" inches with a length of 16.40 feet and to be able to work dynamically.
The inner drum of our machine is curved from one piece monolithic sheet steel with 1.04" length and 1.31 Foot inner diameter.
Our S3200 K rug centrifuge machine price, model works on bellows and has a much longer life than wheels, and at the same time it can reduce the vibration. Therefore, our equipment is working longer and dynamically.
Rug-spinning machines are the main machines of carpet washing companies and work at high speeds. For this reason, the internal drum used in the production machines must be balanced, and bearings must be properly assembled and well calculated. These machines are the most risky machines that can threaten job security. Taking these into consideration, the S2300 K rug-spin and dry machine provides the reliability, quality and excellent efficiency with its experienced workmanship and engineering experience.

Manufacturer's one year warranty on labor and parts
Lead time on this equipment is 6-10 weeks

    • Voltage: V / 50 Hz 380
    • Power 7.5 HP
    • Motor RPM 1400 RPM
    • Drum RPM 1300 RPM
    • Outer Drum Diameter 1.57"
    • Inner Drum Diameter 1.31"
    • Inner Drum Length 8.91"
    • Foot System Bellows
    • Dimensions 3.93" x 12' x 3.93"
    • Weight 1276 Lbs.