Red Out- Carpet & Upholstery Food & Drink Dye Stain Remover

Food & Drinks Dye Stain Remover

RED SPOTS, ARTIFICIAL/NATURAL FOOD COLORING DYE FROM FRUIT JUICES AND COMMON DYE BEVERAGES. Helps remove old & New food/drinks coloring stains from common beverages: cranberry juice, fruit punch, and cool-aid from carpet & upholstery.


Step One: Spray full strength Red Out directly onto the stain.
Step Two: Take the DAMP white towel and place it over the stain.
Press a hot iron directly over the towel for 10 seconds or until you hear the water sizzle. Inspect other side of towel and you will notice stain is transferred to towel. Repeat as necessary until stain is completely gone. (WARNING: WHEN REPEATING THE HEAT TREATMENT PROCESS ALWAYS REMEMBER TO DAMP THE TOWEL EVERYTIME YOU START THE PROCESS TO AVOID TOWEL OR CARPETS BURNS)
Step Three: Rinse and clean with a clean damp towel or Carpet extractor.
NOTE: These Stains can be treated before or after after carpet has been cleaned
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