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13 Gallon Endeavor 1200 PSI Fully Loaded Package

Complete POWER PACKAGE includes EDIC Endeavor with Heat, Adjustable 1200 PSI pump, and autofill/auto dump (9000I-HSH-CK)

Tools & Accessories include the Triton Carpet Wand, Revolution Hard Surface Tool, Countertop, Revolution Hand Tool, Dual Head Squeegee Wand, 25' High Pressure Hose Assembly, Spray Gun, and Chemical Kit. Tile & Grout Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Restroom Cleaning all in One Powerful Machine.

No matter what the surface type is, or where it is located, it can be easily reached, cleaned and restored by the new Endeavor multi-surface cleaner from EDIC. Finally there is one compact and powerful solution for heated carpet & upholstery extraction, hard surface restoration, and touch-free restroom cleaning.

With a unique upright, ergonomic design for easy transport, durable construction, and user-friendly operating features, the Endeavor is the perfect cleaning tool tailored to fit each unique cleaning process.
Productivity is key in today’s competitive world, the Endeavor provides your facility the ultimate cleaning tool to reach your maintenance goals quickly and effectively.

One machine with three cleaning functions provides cleaning versatility and saves space
In-line heat and adjustable cleaning pressure provides cleaning power for furniture, carpet, restrooms, and hard surface cleaning (tile and grout floors, shower walls and counter tops).
Powerful 8.4” Infinity Vacuum: unmatched water recovery and quicker dry times
Auto-fill/Auto-dump: uninterrupted cleaning improves productivity
Ergonomic dolly design, large rear wheels, handle casters, built-in skid rails, wand and tool storage: easy to maneuver, load and unload and transport by one person
Fan cooled motor compartment: provides longevity to electrical motors and critical components
Circuit Sensor: prevents blown fuses and tripped breakers
Large recovery tank and solution tank opening: easy access for cleaning the recovery tank and filling the solution tank. Convenient front mounted controls on top: no stooping or bending to operate. MADE IN THE USA

Optional Accessories

9034ACK Touchless Bathroom Cleaning Kit. Includes 9000AC High Pressure Spray Gun Applicator and 334ACH Squeegee Wand.

334ACH Squeegee Wand.

1204ACH Powermate Powered  Wand.

    • Pump Adjustable 70-1200 PSI
    • Auto fill/Auto dump
    • Capacity 13 gal (50 L)
    • CFM 142
    • Water lift 147"
    • Vacuum 8.4 diameter
    • Power cord 25'
    • Weight 174 lbs.
    • Rear wheels 12" Non marking
    • Vacuum Solution Hose Assembly 25′, 1.5″ Diameter
    • Front Casters Dual-Wheel Casters
    • Machine Dimensions 22.5"W x 33"L x 42.5"H
    • Built in Circuit Locator
    • Built in Heater 2000 Watt
    • EDIC Endeavor 1200 PSI Adjustable with Heater (9000I-HSH)
    • High Pressure Revolution Tile and Grout Cleaning Wand. (1200REV)
    • High Pressure Revolution Counter top and Shower Walls Tile and Grout Cleaning hand Tool. (700REV)
    • Revolutionary High Pressure Triton Carpet Wand. (1034-11001FB)
    • High Pressure Spray Gun Applicator. (9000AC)
    • Dual Head Squeegee Wand. (334ACH-2)
    • Chemical Injection Attachment for Endeavor. (991RS)
    • 25'High Pressure High Heat Hose assembly. (2540AC-HP)
    • 5 year Warranty on labor and parts and lifetime on molding.